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Now residing in the Greater Seattle Area, I've spent my whole life living in the Pacific Northwest. During my youth I had the pleasure of watching my grandfather's ever present passion for photography. It seemed everywhere we went Grandpa had his camera and he was always ready to stop and set-up another great shot. Every visit to his house was a treat as he presented another great slide show. He sold his photos on note cards at the local Nature Shop in Ashland, OR. After his passing these note cards, along with several framed photos, have become coveted items amongst my family. Grandpa's passion for photography was contagious. His ability to find beauty in the simplest things was amazing. His gift for sharing that beauty with others made a lasting impression.


I remember having my first camera at a very young age. I was eager to see the world from behind a camera lens. I took my camera on family trips, to summer camp, and all around my own backyard. When I entered college I became very interested in scrapbooking. My first scrapbook was of a three week trip I took to Chicago. I wanted to clearly remember and take pleasure in all the beauty and differences of Chicago. I enjoyed pulling all my photos together to tell a story and enhance the presentation of my work. This fueled my eagerness for travel.

grandpa-with-camera Grandpa Flower

After my own wedding in 2002, I became interested in wedding photography. Friends of mine were getting married and asked me to be their photographer and that only encouraged my delight for photography. What could be more fun than photographing a bunch of happy people, dressed up and having a good time? Since then I’ve had many more opportunities to photograph weddings, each one unique and special, providing precious opportunities for capturing the human spirit.


I believe experience, an inquisitive mind, enthusiasm and patience have been my guiding model. Knowing how to look at your subject and remembering to always keep your eyes open have been my words of wisdom. The lasting memory of my grandfather has been my inspiration.


Grandpa always signed his work with FDShepard (photo to the right) and as an homage to him, I designed my logo and formed Finding Deeper Sight: The Next Generation of Photography. I hope you enjoy my photography, and I thank you for sharing in my delight.

- Jennifer York

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Photo by Frederick Douglas Shepard